Steven Dominguez, MD, MPH, FACEP

Prior to Translational BioTechnology, Dr. Dominguez founded Bella Milagros, Inc; Strategic Healthcare Systems, LLC; Advanced Healthcare Physicians, Inc, and Acute Response, Inc.  Bella Milagros, Inc is a biotechnology company focusing on nanotechnology for pharmaceutical and cosmetic use. Strategic Healthcare Systems, LLC (SHCS) started as a single site emergency services provider and grew to a 400 physician, nine hospital and twelve clinic management company with subsidiaries in coding and billing, nurse and paramedic staffing, and risk management. SHCS was sold for 6 times earnings. Advanced Healthcare Physicians, Inc (AHP) started as a single physician practice and grew to a twelve physician mulit-specialty group treating 2,500 PPO lives, and serving twenty self-payor municipalities for police and fire cardiac and skin diseases. AHP was sold to a hospital based medical group. Acute Response, Inc was an R&D company with five patents awarded to Dr. Dominguez.

Dr. Dominguez is a graduate of the UCLA School of Public Health with a BS in Policy and Planning, and a Masters in Health Organization Management. He graduated from the University of Iowa Collegae of Medicine in 1988, and has trained in Otolaryngology, Facial Plastic Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, and Emergency Medicine, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at UCLA. Dr. Dominguez has authored multiple peer reviewed journal articles and textbook chapters. He is an editorial board member of mutliple medical journals. Currently Dr Dominguez is practicing Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Huntington Beach, CA. Dr. Dominguez began his NIH funded stem cell research in 1983 at the University of Iowa.  He continues to conduct research in adipose and cord blood mesenchymal stem cells, cytoproteins, and growth factors for use in acute and chronic wound healing, thermal and radiation burn care, and aesthetic plastic surgery both through Bella Milagros, Inc and UCSD.