Translational BioTechnology

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Translational BioTechnology is an international innovative biotechnology subsidiary company of Bella Milagros, Inc.  Our intellectual property incorporates biomedical research to clinical transitional applications promoting healthy outcomes.

Translational BioTechnology roots lay in mesenchymal stem cell and cytoprotein research, development, and translational medicine.  We provide a fully integrated platform for dynamic implementation in both research and clinical medicine.

We stand behind our allograft, cytoprotein, and growth factor technology. Our tissue products are in accordance with FDA Article 21 CFR Part 1271, human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue – based products (HCT/P).  

Federal law requires HCT/P to be sold to or on the order of a licensed physician.  If you are a researcher or clinician, contact us for further information on our translational biotechnology products.